Monday, August 8, 2011

Gettin Started Somewhere.

Lets face it, not all of us were kayak anglers from the start. Most of us gained our love for fishing as children, wether with our parents, grandparents, or whoever. When it comes to kids kayak fishing can be a bit overwelming. So I choose to start by seperating the fishing part from the kayaking part.

So saturday I had the opportunity to introduce my lovely girfriends twin boys, to the fishing part. It was very successful and quite possibly the most exciting thing they have ever done. They cannot wait to go again. If you have young kids and want to get them started here is how to do it. Now there are a few things you need to make this work, and they are:
1.) A relaible fishery, if they are not catching fish they will bore quickly. I suggest bream, they are very reliable and a sucker for worms and bobbers. Oh yea dont forget to mash the barbs on the hooks.
2.) A bucket, put their fish in it and let them observe the fish, this works wonders if they are squeemish. It also garners a Catch and Release mentality, ill ask "Do you want to Eat them?" and almost always get begged to let them go.
3.)Small spinning rods, lets face it kiddy push button rods are cool, but teach em how to use a spinner and you will be ahead of the game.
4.)Snacks, drinks, and a close bathroom. This is self explanitory, and not every fishing hole has a bathroom. Usually not an issue with boys.
5.) Patience and understanding, let the kids do all the fishing. They will need your constant attention, but only help if they ask. Dont get upset if they mess up, and encourage them with lots of praise even with small fish.

So if you got small children between 4 and 6, this is a pretty good way to get them hooked on fishing. Pretty soon ill take the boys kayaking, and will be sure to share that as well.
See you on the Water!


  1. Nicely done Cory........did the same with my son a couple years ago. Took him out last year for the first time on the kayak and now he can't wait to go with me. Check out our adventure from this past weekend.....

  2. I have to agree that it was, without a doubt, the most excited I have ever seen them. Looks like we have two new additions to the Ruthless fishing team!

  3. Good times! I can't wait til my little one goes for the first time...I mean yeah I know my wife is only 13 weeks along, but that means my kid will be fishing in about 2 years right? ;)

  4. Nicely done Cory! It's all about guiding not directing.

  5. Right on, Cory! That is how to do it, man. There is something almost magical about a good bream hole and a fishin' pole, some worms, and a bobber when it comes to a kid about 5-10 years old. It's sort of like hot dogs or chicken mcnuggets: very few don't love them if done right. LOL