Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Spottails and Cara's First Spot.

On Sunday Mark guided Kim Damarand on his first trip in Lynnhaven. Kim caught fish and even gave the flyrod a try.

Kim bowed up on a Lynnhaven redfish.

With Mark on a charter, I offered to take my daughter Cara kayak fishing in rudee inlet. She brought along her Barbie rod. Afer a little instruction Cara has no problem catching and reeling in this spot. It was her first fish ever, and on a kayak. Every time I look at this picture I get more proud of her. I cannot wait to share more of my passion with her. Daddy's Girl!

Kayak Bowfishing!

Launched at 7am on saturday to shoot (litterally) the bowfishing episode of the show. Mark was already on the water scouting for his sunday charter.

Marks friend Chris Lally was also fishing, she loves her ultimate 12 tegris.

Chase was the first to spot a ray and make a shot.

Chase landing a nice cownosed ray, these guys can get over 50lbs.

Tim getting a sleigh ride and a shower from a huge cownose.
The whole crew on the "Mothership".

Monday, June 22, 2009

First TKAA "Heroes on the Water" event a big success!

On Saturday June 2oth the TKAA hosted its first "Heroes on the Water" event. Eight marines and one Navy seal from Portsmouth Naval Hospital attended the event. Approximately 20 TKAA members provided extra kayaks and their time to get the indiviuals out on the water. The volunteers met at 6am and had everything ready for the HOW participants by their arrival at 9am.

In less than 5 minutes all marines and volunteers where out on the water without a hitch. Every one gathered at the ramp for a group shot! OH RAH!

Everyone spread out and started to fish, the temperatures were soaring but so was everyone's spirits.

Caleb the Navy Seal did not touch a fishing rod, but really enjoyed his time out on the water, he had spent the last two months in a hospital room. He really likedthe Ultimate Multisport Propel, even with his injury he moved quite well in the Native Watercraft.

TKAA member Ryan Anderson chatting with Caleb.

Even though fishing was slow, some guys did manage to catch fish here Marine Cpl. Mike Manning fights the big one.

The splashes and commotion made everyone stop what they where doing to see what Mike had on the line.

Which turned out to be a keeper flounder, which he took home to eat.

His brother, also a marine also had one one but it turned out to be a foul hooked stingray.

TKAA member Mike Coates, who is a Navy IDC, and the event emergency specalist, managed to get bowed up as well, even the volunteers got to fish.

Mike 's fish turned out to be a scrappy black drum pup.

At lunch Pizza was provideed by Crab Creek Pizza and served by the Moose Lodge Youth Group. TKAA president, Mark Lozier enjoying a slice under the shade tree.

As a token of gratatude the HOW warriors were presented with medal that read "Our Hero" on the front and TKAA Heroes On The Water, June 20, 2009 on the back.

Caleb posing with his medal. Its hard to beat that big smile.

Or these big smiles!

In the end our first event went on without a hitch, the volunteers knew what to do and everything ran as smooth as silk. I would like to personally thank everyone who helped out, and loaned us your kayak and or your saturday. I cannot express how proud I am of my fellow TKAA members, and how grateful I am of the Warriors who made sacrifices to protect my freedom. I cannot wait until September to do it again.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Got some "me" time

Got out on Wednsday to scout out some spots for my charter on sunday. On my second cast I hooked up, and continued to find slot sized redfish every where I looked.

The action was non stop and I landed about 20 fish in just an hour and a half, sunday is going to be a good trip.
I like the action shots but it is hard to snap pictures and fish at the same time..I need a photographer.
Spinners and Riptide Conley grubs were the stinky baits needed!

Last but least I finnally solved the long lost mystey of where
missing socks go...the ospreys get them and tie them in knots to keep us from retrieving them.
Things are getting better and trips are booking up fast ... give us a shout if you want in on the action.