Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paddlesport 2011

What a busy month March has been. Last weekend I attended The Jersey Paddler's Paddlesport 2011. I joined Mike Hooks, Woody Callaway, and Kelly Fisher of Legacy Paddlesports in the Native Watercraft booth. This event is one of the largest Paddlesports consumer shoes on the east coast. Kayak fishing was very well represented.

 Rigged Kayak Fishing boats were everywhere, the event program even featured a kayak angler on the cover.

Several Kayak fishing experts were there, here is John Oast, Joey Cambria, and the legendary Kayak Kevin.

Drew Gregory was also on hand to talk about their new kayak, the Coosa.

The place was madness, and alot of anglers became kayak anglers this weekend. It was a great event and I look foward to next year. Now its about time to start fishing, but first catch us at the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival April 16-17th. Tight Lines!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Canoecopia 2011

Had the opportunity to join Rutabaga's "Canoecopia" as a guest speaker and to work in the Native Watercraft booth. This was a great event that hosted hundreds of vendors and thousands of consumers. It was nonstop and I believe over 50 Native Watercraft left the building with their happy owners.

I had a great crowd for both of my talks, they were very interested and asked lots of questions.
They even laughed at my jokes!

Canoecopia was a great event and I hope to return. Headed to The Jersey Paddler's "Paddlesport" next week, see you there!