Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

So we have had lot of changes here at Ruthless Fishing, the first being or switch to Freedom Hawk Kayaks. We look foward to using their kayaks and being a part of new fishing kayaks to come. We are very excited to be apart of the Freedom Hawk team. Second is the reorganization and relocation of the business to NC. We will be under the corporate name Ruthless Outdoor Adventures llc, but will keep Ruthless Kayak Fishing just as it is. We will be running trips in both NC and VA, in both fresh and saltwater.

The second change is bittersweet as my longtime friend Mark Lozier has decided to branch out on his own and create 1st Landing Kayak Fishing Service, we would like to wish him best of luck with his new venture. And we know he will do well! 

We look foward to reporting our fishing adventures here and our hunting adventures on the Ruthless Outdoor Adventures blog.

See you in 2012!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trout are Here!

The spotted trout bite is great with lots of under slot fish to be had and a few keepers in the mix! Anyway a great time on the kayak. They should be around until the first hard freeze, and the stripers are starting to show as well. Give us a call if you want to get a trout trip in before they leave.

Tight Lines!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Something Different

We are not just saltwater guides, we also run trips in freshwater too. However I havent got many requests for sweetwater until yesterday. Dave and Gary from Richmond, VA had a custom request to fish for Trophy Shellcrackers (biggest of the bream) for a gentlemans CPR tournament that ends on Labor day. Lake Western Branch is renowned for large shellcrackers so we loaded up th kayaks light fishiing tackle and dozens of night crawlers and headed for the lake.

The idea was to fish in about 8-12 feet of water, we used the fisfinder to locate fish in these areas and bottom bounced worms. We started out with some small fish but not many bigger fish, we had one to go about 8 inches, but we were looking for 10-12 inch fish. All of a sudden Davids rod goes off, his 4-pound test bream outfit looked like a bow, and on the verge of breaking.

After a bout 5-minutes of fight, and speculation of what this monster was, it finally came to the surface. A nice 10-pound 27-inch channel catfish.

Not a bad fish for such light gear and from a kayak no doubt. The big shellcrackers were hard to find, but after talking to the boater out looking for th same, we had a much better day. We are still running trips until it gets cold and the spotted trout are showing up in Lynnhaven, book now the wewthwr ia getting cool but the fiahing should be heating up. See you on the water!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Gettin Started Somewhere.

Lets face it, not all of us were kayak anglers from the start. Most of us gained our love for fishing as children, wether with our parents, grandparents, or whoever. When it comes to kids kayak fishing can be a bit overwelming. So I choose to start by seperating the fishing part from the kayaking part.

So saturday I had the opportunity to introduce my lovely girfriends twin boys, to the fishing part. It was very successful and quite possibly the most exciting thing they have ever done. They cannot wait to go again. If you have young kids and want to get them started here is how to do it. Now there are a few things you need to make this work, and they are:
1.) A relaible fishery, if they are not catching fish they will bore quickly. I suggest bream, they are very reliable and a sucker for worms and bobbers. Oh yea dont forget to mash the barbs on the hooks.
2.) A bucket, put their fish in it and let them observe the fish, this works wonders if they are squeemish. It also garners a Catch and Release mentality, ill ask "Do you want to Eat them?" and almost always get begged to let them go.
3.)Small spinning rods, lets face it kiddy push button rods are cool, but teach em how to use a spinner and you will be ahead of the game.
4.)Snacks, drinks, and a close bathroom. This is self explanitory, and not every fishing hole has a bathroom. Usually not an issue with boys.
5.) Patience and understanding, let the kids do all the fishing. They will need your constant attention, but only help if they ask. Dont get upset if they mess up, and encourage them with lots of praise even with small fish.

So if you got small children between 4 and 6, this is a pretty good way to get them hooked on fishing. Pretty soon ill take the boys kayaking, and will be sure to share that as well.
See you on the Water!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heroes On the Water Outing

Took advantage of a wonderful and humbling experence today. I volunteered to help out with a Heroes on the Water outing for its Tidewater, Virginia Chapter. Along with 10 other volunteers, we took 10 Marines from Portsmouth Naval Hospitals Wounded Warrior Regiment kayak fishing in Owl's Creek. I have caught lots of fish from a kayak, but none are as rewarding as watching these folks have fun and relax. Seeing their big smiles when they catch a fish is the cherry on the cake.

The volunteers also have a great time giving back.

Off they Go!

Fish on!

Big smiles, this is what its all about. Love sharing out sport with these guys.

This young lady took the cake with this 21-inch flounder, her first fish ever, and on a kayak!

More volunteers enjoying a great day on the water.

If you get a chance I highly suggest volunteering for your local HOW chapter, their website is
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friday Double header

Got two seperate calls for charters on Friday. A conventional trip for Mark and  a flyfishing charter for myself. We chose Rudee Inlet and paddled out front to check out rumors of bluefish blitzes. Found this comorant struggling to swallow an oyster toad. He almost did as good as we did.

Not long after we got to Lake Rudee, we saw birds dipping and a small blitz. My client missed a hit and marks client got his bait cut in half. Mark managed to hook up and got an airshow before getting broke off.

Bryan Shuman from PA, and Mark casting to the blitz.

Donn Nalls from TN, first time flyfishing from a kayak. In all the day was slow, but everyone had a great time. Think we developed a few kayak anglers for sure. See you on the water!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Had a great first trip of the season, had Scott and Maddy Rampona out for Maddies first kayak fishing trip ever. We chose Rudee Inlet for is ease of fishing. Fishing was slow but we did manage a few croaker that they took home for lunch. Scott is also a fan of the Vibram Five Fingers. He lost a big flounder but ill think he will return to get it later.

My girl, Kelly Mayorga also joined us for her first kayak fishing trip as well, she is an ASA certified Level 2 Kayak instructor and now an avid kayak angler as well.

And I dont get alot of photos of me but Jet Ski Brian visited us and took this and the first picture. His website is

Things are starting to heat up and even the Lynnhaven River is starting to show some promise for red drum. We are steady booking trips so get you trip in ASAP!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Put them on lock down.

I learned a very strong lesson last week. I had my two show kayaks up on my roof in prep for the Va Flyfishing Festival. On wednsday night someone cut my straps and relieved me of my brand new Camo Manta Ray 14.5. Moral of this story is to alway cable lock your kayaks down. A $8 cable lock could have saved me about a grand. Also go out and record the hull ID numbers off of your kayak ASAP. Ill never make this mistake again.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paddlesport 2011

What a busy month March has been. Last weekend I attended The Jersey Paddler's Paddlesport 2011. I joined Mike Hooks, Woody Callaway, and Kelly Fisher of Legacy Paddlesports in the Native Watercraft booth. This event is one of the largest Paddlesports consumer shoes on the east coast. Kayak fishing was very well represented.

 Rigged Kayak Fishing boats were everywhere, the event program even featured a kayak angler on the cover.

Several Kayak fishing experts were there, here is John Oast, Joey Cambria, and the legendary Kayak Kevin.

Drew Gregory was also on hand to talk about their new kayak, the Coosa.

The place was madness, and alot of anglers became kayak anglers this weekend. It was a great event and I look foward to next year. Now its about time to start fishing, but first catch us at the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival April 16-17th. Tight Lines!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Canoecopia 2011

Had the opportunity to join Rutabaga's "Canoecopia" as a guest speaker and to work in the Native Watercraft booth. This was a great event that hosted hundreds of vendors and thousands of consumers. It was nonstop and I believe over 50 Native Watercraft left the building with their happy owners.

I had a great crowd for both of my talks, they were very interested and asked lots of questions.
They even laughed at my jokes!

Canoecopia was a great event and I hope to return. Headed to The Jersey Paddler's "Paddlesport" next week, see you there!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let the Shows begin.

This past weekend we attended our second of several fishing/paddling shows. The Central Carolina Boat and Fishing Expo, in Greensboro, is near my home town so we take the opportunity to visit with my Dad, and our fellow kayak anglers in NC. The North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association ( was there in force, Jerry Dilsaver and Mark Patterson were waving the kayak fishing banner along with us. Get Outdoors ( also had a killer showing of Wilderness System and Native Watercraft fishing kayaks. In all a great event with plans to have kayak fishing specific areas and speakers in 2012. Next stop is Rutabaga's "Canoecopia" in Madison (March 11-13), WI and Jersey Paddlers "Paddlesport" in Somerset NJ (March 25-27). Ill have more on these in the next few weeks. Stay Tuned!