Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hawaii Fishing trips

Had the opportunity to fish with two members of the Aquahunters family while in Hawaii. The first was with Ji Fay and his son Issiac, Ji took us out in his outrigger canoe on the private waters of the Kaelepulu Pond Reserve. Below is a picture of Ji, Issiac, and the Routh boys posing for the camera.

The pond is a brackish water estuary that is allowed to flush with Pacific Ocean water every month at the highest tides. This flushing creates a killer fisher for Papio, Baracuda, Milkfish, and a species of Talipia. Issac joined us on his kayak.

Ji and dad contemplating which lures to use.

We hooked a few nice baracuda, but noone was able to get them to the boat...yes they were that big, and toothy!

One day before I was to fly home, Boogie-D aka Dave Elgas of Coastal Kayak Tours offered to take me on his inshore run from The Backyards to Haliewa ( over 5 miles). We launched right at dawn and the wind was behind us all the way.

Not 5-minutes in and we are both hooked up with Papio. These were very scrappy fighters and after the first, I wanted more!

Boogie-D with a Papio, notice the swells, thay got bigger as the day went on.

Our final catch, we kept 4 papio, and a Leather skin jack. we released a triggerfish, and a needlefish.

These guys were part or our final day Lual and were very tasty on the grill with Hawaiian Seasoning!
I had a great time and the hospitality of our fellow kayak anglers was second to none. If you want to check out the Hawaiian kayak fishing scene check out and if you are on Oahu and want the to hire a kayak fishing guide check out Boogie-D at
Can't wait until I return!

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