Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aloha from Hawaii!

Aloha from the North Shore of Oahu! On vacation with family in Hawaii and found out about a Kayak fishing tournament in Haleiwa, just down the road from our rental house at Sunset Beach.
This tournament was the 2009 Papio Open with two divisions, the target species Papio or Bluefin Trevally and a big fish catagory. The papio catagory had an $1800 total payout while the bigfish catagory winner went home with a new Oceak Kayak Prowler.

This event attracted 47 anglers and was a well run and organized event.

Papio was the target species!

There were some great catches in the big fish catagory including this 18.8 pound Ula (Great Trevally) caight by Steven Uchida.

Other pelagics were also caught such as this Mahi.

And this 24 pound gaffer Mahi caught by Chris Paglinewah.

Ji Fay took second place in the big fish with this 31.9 pound Kagami (African Trevally).

The target species division (papio) was taken by Micah Pignoley with a 7 pound Papio, he took home $1000.

The big fish division was won by Michael Nevius with a 33 pound Great Trevally, he took home the OK Prowler.

Group shot of all 47 anglers and support staff. Great turnout and tourney!

It was an honor to meet all these kayak anglers, and really great to see the enthuasium that all these anglers have. The sport has a lot of potential in Hawaii and it was great to be a part of this tourney. Mahalo! More to come!

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