Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fortunate Indeed

Last week while having Chinese takeout, I found my self craving the crushed fortune cookie. Usually I just eat the cookie without looking at the actual fortune. Being that this cookie was crushed I bothered to read the fortune. It said "In the near future you will realize just how fortunate you are". I handed it to Kelly and she replied " you should already know that".

This has had me thinking for the last few weeks and I quite often find, that I need a kick in the ass, to remind me. She is absolutely right! And she is a big part of my fortune.

I find that you are as only good as those who stand behind you, and I have some excellent support staff. They never question my decisions and stand behind me even when they don't know the outcome. Its their trust that keeps me going on and I am bound and determined not to fail them. I try to tell them how much I appreciate what they do, but I have never done it here. So here it goes.

Old Man Ruthless and Me
The first is my Father, Larry Routh, from the absolute beginning he has stood behind my efforts, not only morally, but financially. I know his interest is genuine as he has become very involved and even enjoys kayak fishing himself. Ruthless Fishing would not exist if it were not for him. So Dad I am eternally grateful for everything you have done! I could not ask for a better business partner.
My Love, My Kelly!
I also have to thank Kelly, she has been the best thing to happen to be since the birth of my daughter. Her love and understanding have made me a better man, and given me the motivation to "keep doing what I do". She is also an avid paddler, and becoming quite the kayak angler. I look forward to a rich future with her, and yes I an very fortunate to have her by my side!
My fishing buddy!
I also do it for this young lady, not because she is mine, but she loves to do what Daddy does. Cara is very enthusiastic about fishing with me. And I most certainly am not going to let her, or any other kids down! Our kids are the future of the sport, and if we don't pass it along, how can it continue to grow after us? And it s not just my kid that is interested in Kayak Fishing. At my latest seminar I had a large crowd but not many questions asked. I noticed a mom and her two boys sitting in the front row. I could tell the youngest of the boys wanted to ask a question, so I walked over to him and encouraged him to ask. Immediately he asked "Does in matter what color the kayak is?" I was floored by this, and continued to answer his question. After this both boys asked several questions that I would expect from experienced anglers. So after the seminar, I was approached by the mom and her sons. She said that they attended a lot of seminars that day, but it was mine that sparked the boys interest the most. Again I was taken back, so I called them over the the booth and gave them a signed copy of my book, they looked like the just got the new J.C. Penny wish book. They walked away as the mom turned and mouthed "Thank You So Much". I often doubt if what I have done has made a dent, but its time like this that I know I have. I am truly fortunate to have a following, both new and old. Thank you so much!

So my point in this rambling is that fortune was right, I am truly fortunate and will never need to be reminded again of how much.

Hope you all enjoyed the post, and I promise that its all fishing from here out!

Tight Lines,


  1. What a wonderful writing this is Cory! And by the way, you have made a substantial mark on others and continue to do so. Thank you.

  2. Great stuff, Cory! I really enjoyed that post.

  3. Dang man, you got me all choked up. (sniffle - sniffle)

    I have learned that the 2 most important things a man can say when he means them are "thank you" and "well done." Sincere gratitude and compliments are rare in our society, but especially when they come from significant male figures in people's lives. This is amazingly transformational stuff. It took me too long to realize it, but I'm still way ahead of the pack. Apparently, you are too.

  4. I found it takes someone telling me how good I got it to actually think about it. Thanks for making me think about my own good fortune. :D