Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall is here and so are the Spotted Trout

We got a very short window of opportunity for spotted trout here in Virginia. Having the day off I decided for a pre-dawn launch at the Owls Creek Ramp in Virginia Beach. Mullet were busting everywhere so I cast a super spook jr to the commotion, I was gettting severl blow up but no takers. IN the Shadows I saw another kayaker fighting a fish, It was Trevor Holiday a fellow plankowner of TKAA and a great artist. I cast my lure and it was smashed as soon as it hit the water. After a quick fight I landed a nice 24-inch citation trout. We called wayne Bradby over to take a pic..and here it is. These fish were caught less than 100 yards from the launch.

It seems that as the sun came up the mullet went down and so did the trout, so we switched over to sub surface lures. I gave Trevor a Rip Tide Ultimate Inshore Minnow, he put it on and hooked up in a few casts.

Got em in the net! 18-inch trout.

Trevor likes the Ultimate Minnow and so do these trout! You can get you Ultimate Monnows online here!

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  1. tres bien avec le blog de photos Belle et les commentaires sont excellent