Friday, June 12, 2009

Got some "me" time

Got out on Wednsday to scout out some spots for my charter on sunday. On my second cast I hooked up, and continued to find slot sized redfish every where I looked.

The action was non stop and I landed about 20 fish in just an hour and a half, sunday is going to be a good trip.
I like the action shots but it is hard to snap pictures and fish at the same time..I need a photographer.
Spinners and Riptide Conley grubs were the stinky baits needed!

Last but least I finnally solved the long lost mystey of where
missing socks go...the ospreys get them and tie them in knots to keep us from retrieving them.
Things are getting better and trips are booking up fast ... give us a shout if you want in on the action.

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  1. Wow was wondering where all those socks go :)